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Updated: December 9, 2014
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Welcome to The Costume Gallery's Online Research Library for fashion and costume. Below our online library is divided into six areas or bookshelves. When you see an area you would like to view, just click on the book and enjoy! We have added many new articles and sections to study. We be adding new sections monthly. So please bookmark our site and visit frequently.



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  • Library includes the following websites:
  • Costume Research Library
  • Fashion Designers of Their Time
  • Costume Encyclopedia
  • Hairstyles History
  • 1st Communion Dress History
  • Wedding Fashion History
  • Costume Dictionary
  • Hats Off! Hat History
  • Children's Fashion History
  • Men's Fashion History

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  • A Year in Fashion: Articles and images by specific years
  • Regency to Victorian: 1800-1859
  • Mid Victorian: 1860-1879
  • Bustle Era: 1880s
  • Late Victorian Era: 1890s
  • Edwardian Era: 1900s
  • Titanic to World War I: 1910s
  • Jazz & Flapper Era: 1920s
  • Photograph Collections:
  • 1890s
  • 1910s
  • 1970-1990s
  • Early 20th Century Weddings
  • 1920s Weddings
  • 1930s Weddings
  • 1940s Weddings
  • Antique 1st Communion
  • Victorian/Edwardian
  • Virginia Families
  • Antique Hairstyles: Female
  • Titanic Movie Costumes
  • Chicago Movie Costumes
  • Alice Cooper Costumes
  • Mardi Gras: Mobile Carnival Museum
  • Dave Matthews Band: Making of "Stay" Music Video
  • Princess Diana Charity Auction Dresses
  • Cyber Cinderella
  • Valentine Museum former exhibits
  • Quilt Show: Artistic Quilts
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  • Needlework
  • Hats
  • Accessories
  • Weddings
  • Swimsuits
  • Mourning
  • Menswear
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  • Royalty
  • Film Costumes
  • Entire Antique Catalogs:
  • Masquerade & Carnival Costume Patterns: 1897 & 1900
  • Womenwear Fashion Designers (1916)
  • Shoes: Women:
  • Edwardian Shoes: 1902
  • 1920s Shoes
  • Shoes: Mens: 1910
  • Maternity Wear: 1922
  • Rubber Fashions: Professionals, Raingear, etc. 1922
  • Guide to Hairdressing at Home: 1922
  • Ladies Swimsuits: 1923
  • Menswear:
  • 1910 Men's Suits
  • 1923 Menswear
  • 1923 Band Uniforms

    Six shelves of books below.

    1800-1859 Fashions 1860-1879 Fashions 1880s Fashions 1890s Fashions 1900s Fashions 1910s Fashions Textile Reference Manual 1920s Fashions Handbook of German Dress 1814: Picturesque Representations of The Dress and Manners of the English

    1890s: Handbook of German Dress or Handbuch der Deutschen Tracht 1814: Etiquette Book by Lord Chesterfield 1877: The Ladiesí and Gentlemenís Etiquette: A Complete Manual of the Manners and Dress of American Society 1882: American Etiquette and Rules of Politeness 1921: Book of Etiquette by Lillian Eichler 1915: First Ladies' Gowns 1868: The Corset & the Crinoline 1922: Harmony of Dress & Color 1911: Women & Labor by Olive Schreiner 1911: The Manual on Hairdressing, Manicuring, Facial Massage, Electrolysis, and Chiropody 1911: The Dressmaker: A Complete Book of all matters connected to Sewing and Dressmaking from the simplest stitches to the cutting, making, altering, mending and caring for clothes French Costumes

    1902 Ladies' Shoes 1910 Men's Shoes Catalog 1920 Ladies' Shoes Catalog 1922 Maternity Wear Catalog 1922 Rubber & Raincoat Fashions Catalog 1922 Hairdressing Catalog 1910 Menswear Catalog 1923 Menswear Catalog 1897 & 1900 Costume Pattern Catalogs 1923 Band Uniforms Catalog 1923 Ladies' Bathing Suits Catalog 1897 & 1900 Costume Catalogs 1916 Fashion Designer Catalogs

    Children Royalty Film Costumes Needlework Accessories

    Cyber Cinderella goes to the ball! Costumes and Illustrations for the play Elizabeth the Queen Paper doll you can Print out and Play with! In depth look at costumes from the movie A look at three museum exhibits we have worked on Article on 1950s Ladies dresses 1970s-1990s Fashion and Needlework Costume Illustrations for the play Into the Woods Costumes and Illustrations for Fantasy Characters The making of Dave Matthews music video Color names used in the Elizabethan Period Photos of Princess Diana gowns and dresses Free Pattern for a Gibson Girl skirt Artistic Quilt

    Small Family Photo Collection from 1883-1950 Photo Collection from Late VIctorian to Edwardian 1890-1910 Large Photo Collection from Early Victorian to Pre WWI: 1850-1914 Research Historic Costume from the eras known as Medieval, Dark Ages, Gothic, and High Gothic Reserach Renaissance and Elizabethan fashions. 1700s period fashion including Restoration, Cavalier, Early Georgian, Baroque, and Regency. Fashions included Regency, Crinoline, Bustle, and the gay Ninties, Gibson Girl, and Gilded Age. Fashions of the 1900s Multi-period fashions Long Hair Style Photos Pretty as a Picture 1890s Pretty as a Picture 1910s

    Our Library contains 5,598 webpages and countless images from original period publications, including fashion magazine articles, catalogs, books, and period photographs dating from 1804-1925. All of these webpages are located on our site and without advertisements. To make an online library of this size and without advertisements, visitors are charged a small subscription fee ($20 for three-month subscription).

    You may browse each book's Table of Contents on the shelves below at no charge. But to view the articles and images you must obtain a library subscription. Click on the logo above to obtain an individual library card / subscription or click HERE. Our subscribers also receive weekly newsletter with a fashion definition, Library additions, and job announcements (when available).

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    Mardi Gras Coronation Robes: King Felix III & Queen's Costumes

    View our 200 webpages of the Mardi Gras costume photos from the Mobile Carnival Museum in Mobile, Alabama.


    Etiquette History Books:

  • 1814 Lord Chesterfield Men's Etiquette
  • 1877 Victorian Era Etiquette
  • 1882 Victorian Era Etiquette
  • 1921 Roaring 20s Era Etiquette
  • 1814 British Occupations:
  • Textile Reference Manual
  • Handbook of German Dress
  • Smithsonian First Ladiesí Gowns (1915)
  • The Corset & the Crinoline (1868)
  • 1920s Fashion Color: Harmony of Dress (1922)
  • Women & Labor (1911)
  • Sewing Manual (1911)
  • 19th Century French Peasants
  • Antique Hair Care Manuals:
  • 1899 Victorian Hair Care
  • 1911 Hair Care

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